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Not your traditional enchiladas

What a fun and easy weeknight dinner. This is definitely not your traditional enchilada recipe, but I can guarantee it’s still delicious! I wanted to create something that’s super easy to prepare and ingredients that I always have on hand in my pantry and fridge.

All you need are a few simple ingredients and majority of the ingredients I used can be found at Costco. Cause ya know, that’s where I do most of my grocery shopping. With the exception of Cut Da carb of course.

If you haven’t tried Cut Da Carb, what the heck are you waiting for? It’s definitely a must have at all times. Gotta keep a stash of that stuff in the freezer. They’re great for easy meals like this one! Also desserts and wraps and burritos. It’s so versatile!

Anywho...let’s get to this simple recipe.


* 3 @cutdacarb sheets cut in half

* 1 package @delrealfoods carnitas previously warmed in microwave

* cumin and taco seasoning (to taste)

* sour cream (about a Tbsp per enchilada)

* shredded cheese to your liking

* 1/2 bottle (Costco size) @herdeztraditions guacamole salsa


(or really it’s just heating up 😉):

Coat bottom of baking dish with a little bit of the guacamole salsa. Season carnitas with taco seasoning and cumin. Assemble enchiladas with carnitas, sour cream and cheese. Lay each rolled enchilada on top of the salsa in the baking dish in a row and pour remaining sauce on top. Then finish with a little more cheese. Heat in oven at 350 degrees for about 15 min or until cheese has melted and everything is warmed up. Then serve ❤️ you can also top with black olives and cilantro, which I usually do, but didn’t have any.


link to my INSTAGRAM showing step by step