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It's time for a yummy Brunch!

On Sundays I like to take my time preparing myself a yummy meal. So this morning I did just that. I wanted to switch it up a bit from the normal eggs and bacon or the simple eggs and toast. I received an awesome package of goodies from Haig's Delicasies! They sent over a bunch of their delicious keto and low carb friendly dips. I just knew I had to incorporate one of these in a dish the next day.

So for brunch this morning I made this goodness! I'm in love! I could totally eat this every morning and it's so easy to make. I used half of an Atoria's Flatbread, Haig's Roasted red pepper hummus, a cooked egg seasoned with salt & pepper and topped with fresh chopped green onions.Look at this goodness! That egg yolk was runny and cooked perfectly. Oh and don't forget the side of crispy bacon. Cause bacon is life!

Also, let's talk about these Atoria's flatbread. They're soft, keto friendly and delicious. I highly recommend them. My mom loved them. I swear she ate a sheet and a half all to herself yesterday. She didn't even question if they were low car or keto. These flatbread are great for wraps, pizzas, used for dipping and for this yummy brunch dish I made.

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Y'all have to try this. Next time I'll have to try dressing it up differently. With so many different Haig's dips to choose from that'll be easy to do and is guaranteed to be yummy! I've got one satisfied tummy here!


-1/2 of an Atoria's low carb flatbread

-2 tbsp Haig's roasted red pepper hummus





-green onions


-Cook egg in butter seasoned with salt & black pepper until cooked to your preference. Mine was sunny side up. I love that runny yolk!

-While eggs are cooking, heat up flatbread in a pan or on the griddle until warm

-Place warmed flatbread on a plate and spread Haig's roasted red pepper hummus on your warmed flatbread

-Once egg is cooked to your liking place on top of your flatbread with hummus

-Top with fresh sliced green onions

-Serve with your favorite side or not :) I had crispy bacon.


That PERFECT BITE!.......Anne :)