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It’s fall y’all

So excited for all the fall things and all the fall recipes. I’ve already had pumpkin spice everything since the first of September cause that‘s when pumpkin spice season starts for me! The very first fall recipe I made was of course a pumpkin spice latte which I’ll share in a later blog.

When I think fall, I think warm and cozy. So that means lots of cold weather foods and comfort foods. One of my favorites is a big bowl of chili and a side of corn bread! Omg drools!

Today I wanted to share this YUMMINESS! Every keto and low carb foodie out there will tell you how much they miss corn and corn bread during this time, but thankfully we’ve got some awesome keto friendly options available to us.

This deliciousness is from Kawaii Treats and Eats! It’s their Corn free “cornbread”mix. It’s super easy to make and totally fulfills that cornbread craving. I topped it with butter and SF maple syrup by Choc Zero. It was also Perfect with my bowl of chili! The texture is on point and it wasn’t too sweet at all. You could add cheese and jalapenos to this mix and that would be a perfect savory treat.

One bag of mix makes 12 servings. At practically zero net carbs per serving I don’t even feel guilty eating a few pieces. woohoo to healthy and yummy eating!

Hurry go and make some! This will be the perfect side dish or even dessert at all your fall gatherings.

I‘ve discount codes for both Kawaii Treats and Eats & Choc Zero. Cause who doesn’t want to save some money on keto treats right? ☺️ Check out all of their goodies. I promise you’ll love them!

Choc Zero

use code ANNEFATE for 10% off

Kawaii Treats and Eats

use code ANNEFATE10 for 10% off

Enjoy and happy fall 💛🧡🍂🍁